Plaster Casting

Today I went to Dock Wieler beach at El Segundo to do my plaster casting for Art110b. It was a nice experience. The weather was just right, the sun was up and it was nice and warm due to the fact that has been freezing here in LA the last couple of weeks. I went with my boyfriend since I have a three month old at home and needed someone to help me out, you know to take pictures and stuff. 

So this art activity was nice, easy and fun. I was excited and nervous to see how my piece would turn out so I decided to make two lol. The first option was just to do my hand going in straight but then I thought it was to simple and plain so I decided to do a peace sign. 

Picking a spot to do the digging was easy and since I took a pretty good size shovel it only took a couple of digs to get a good size hole. I LIKE the beach. I also love watching the waves as the go back and forward but I don’t like getting inside the water. Plus the water was pretty cold it took me a couple tries to get the water back to the hole so I could pack in my hand. So then the I tried to pack in my hand as good as I could so that the sand could be sturdy and my hand wouldn’t fall apart as I took it out. Next, came the plaster mixing. I brought enough plaster to make 20 hands lol because I got anxiety about maybe not mixing it right and I thought at least I have enough just incase I messed up. So I poured it in and just waited. Took some snaps on my snap chat and had a small “romantic” walk on the shore with the bf. Enjoying some time away from the baby at home. Finally, the moment of truth. I dug out my plasters and honestly I was really impressed. Especially with the “peace sign” one. It came out in tact! I cleaned it a bit with my brush to admire its beauty, took a pic and cleaned up to get a nice brunch on main street. All thanks to Glenn for giving me an opportunity to get out of the house and have some fun. 🙂 #greatexcuseever


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