Landscape with a Corpse

This activity really got to me because personally I don’t like the idea of knowing one day I will die or even think about how I will die. I mean my wishes would be old in a bed in my sleep. But since I’m not old yet, I decided to be more realistic and think how in the world would I die realistically today. My mom helped me with this idea since every now and then I like to straighten my crazy mane of hair with my straightener. Of course I always like to “unconsciously” leave it on and plugged in and in her mom voice she always yells at me saying “One day Yesenia! you’re going to regret leaving this machine on because you’re going to electrocute yourself! Yo no se ( I don’t know).” And it’s true if it wasn’t for her to turn it off when I leave or when I totally forget about it. I would!

So then the idea came to me to take a picture of myself in the bathroom tub dead due to electrocution from my hair straightener. I basically was taking a relaxed bubble bath when I mistakenly leave the straightener on next to the water or close to the water.

As I create the scene I wanted to be able to cover the tub with as much bubbles as possible in order to cover my body and only my head and my legs/feet would show. I also wanted to have the straightener as close as possible to me without actually submerging it under water because then I would really be left without a straightener. I wanted a wide shot of me in the tub and a close up on my face to have a more dramatic effect. I also added a filter to set the tone of the scene. At first I thought black and white but then I decided that was too traditional and went for pinkish purple tones.

Overall it was a delicate experience to pretend that I’m dead in my bathtub because I honestly don’t want to die just yet since recently life has given me much to live for now that I have a 3 month old son. When I told my boyfriend to help me out with the project he got a little bit creeped out but it definitely opened up a  new conversation about what if one of us goes sooner than expected now that we have a son together. Anyways at the end it was fun to be taken out of my comfort zone.


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