Wk3- Artist Conversation- La Rosa

Exihibition Infromation

Artist: La Rosa

Exhibition: La Rosa

Media: Painting

Gallery: CSULB school of Art, Dutzi

Website: Larosabird.co

Instagram: Larosa.artist

About the Artist

La Rosa is an undergraduate student, a junior here at CSULB.. La Rosa only started studying art last semester and has found his true happiness since. He is now studying for is BA in School of Art’s Studio Art.  Before changing his major to the arts he said he was studying business and fashion merchandise.

Formal Analysis

La Rosa used a scale of hues and from blues to purples and pinks. He also uses photographs and then paints on top of them with different colors. He uses frames on some his paintings and then splashes paint on them as if not restricting the art to inside the border. I feel each piece does follow a rythm with one another as if telling a story with each drawing.

Content Analysis

La Rosa’s art focuses on the nature of human emotion, the interpretation of beauty and the perspective of youth. His work also explores love, broken love, rebellion, youth and chasing beauty. He likes to paint based on his feelings and says each painting is different, some are planned and some are very spontaneous and improvised. Overall he says he paints according to his emotion and is inspired by his experiences and personal feelings. He uses them as an outlet as a way to express himself. La Rosa says painting is therapeutic for him and has allowed him to be creative.

Synthesis/ My experience

La Rosa’s art was definitely relatable to my life. I believe all of us have experience love in one way or the other or have been heart broken at least once in our lifetime. Love is such a powerful word and feeling that makes us go crazy and wakes a passion either for someone or something and I undoubtedly saw that in La Rosa’s Art. The piece I resinated with the most was a quote he painted, it states ” We are the wild kids. the hopeful ones, a mess of rebellious misfits, forever chasing was is broken and beautiful.” When I read this quote i thought back to when I was in high school. Young and in love with one of my exes. I knew he was wrong for me and yet I didn’t care because what I felt for him was love and nothing was more important or more beautiful than our relationship. Sometimes we fall for something that is broken and we feel its our duty to fix it even if sometimes it means you break other things along the way, like friendships or family. La Rosa’s work is like a Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez relationship; young, restless, and unforgettable.



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