Wk5- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

Artist : Molly Ramage

Exhibition: Sleep Sweat

Media: paper, print

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov East Gallery

Contact: molly.a.ramage@gmail.com


About The Artist

Molly Ramage is an undergraduate in the School of Art of Print Making here at CSULB. Molly’s art explores her personal experiences with vivid and uncomfortable dreams. She made a comment saying she loves to sleep. Whenever she gets the chance to sleep she doesn’t hesitate to do so.

Formal Analysis

Her work is made of print and mostly paper. She uses color and straight lines to create the characters in her dreams. She uses a lot of dark tone colors and hues to create a dark environment. There is a sculpture she made that caught me eye where she creates a bed and paints it white with a girl sleeping on it. She has painted on rainbows and starts. Beneath there is what looks like two monsters made of dark black skin with long ears.

Content Analysis

Thinking back about the conversation I had with Molly, she describes that her work explores her unconscious emotions and she uses it as a catapult to process them into a piece of art.  In this case we see many demon depictions in her work. The nightmares of horrible monsters cause her to sweat at night. We see many of her pieces that can portray the end of the world or some kind of character that acts as an anti-crist. Molly says she’s not religious but her work acts as a gateway to process her own spirituality.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Molly’s work represents her darkest fears and pains. Its also a resemblance of her life when she is awake. When you go to sleep the first things that pop into out heads are the stresses in our life. For example, money, bills, relationship problems. That in some way manifest themselves into the demons and monsters in our dreams. I know now with the deprived sleep I’ve been living in four the past couple of months, my dreams have become for a lack of a better word “wacky”. I dream of aliens and that’s my biggest fear or having kids with random guys that I don’t know. When we sleep, we dive into our unconsciousness and maybe thats where we do our most conscious thinking in trying to make sense or meaning in our lives.



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