Wk-7- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

Artist:  Jonah Coloma

Exhibition: Ink 18: Word of the Year (2016)

Media: Print Making Group Show

Gallery: Dutzi Gallery

Website: rjbcme.vsco.co

Instagram:  instagram.com/mindsofhipster

About the Artist

Jonah is currently a BA undergraduate in Studio Art. My main interests are mainly graphic design and photography but learning the different art fields allow him to explore and to translate his artistic concepts further than graphic design and photography.

Formal Analysis

Since this gallery was composed by different artist, you can see the different styles that each artist used, some with more colors others just black and white.  Even though some prints were black and white there was a lot of detailing and shading.

Content Analysis

The Gallery is about current events that have been happening in the United States. With Immigration and our political leader. Joseph says he the issues regarding our political situations are hitting him close to home and he is surrounded by people being directly affected by it. With this, he is motivated to make scary art and scary print. His ideas mainly involve minimalistic spaces yet also pulling on how to make minimalism evoke emotions which is currently his artistic state.

Synthesis / My Experience

My experience with this Gallery was very moving because it shows how many artist are affected by the current events that are happening in our country. You can see some are disturb by our immigration policies and how our current leader projects chaos and disturbance of the peace among our people. Personally, I too am very disturbed with choices that have been made by the American people and how we have a leader who got to be President by evoking violence and hatred. Now my mother, even though she is a resident of the United State fears going to Mexico on vacation because there exists a small possibility that she won’t be able to come back with out a problem. We are all affected by these changes and you can see it in our artist.



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