Wk-11 Artist Conversation- Yujai Ga

Exhibition Information

Artist: Yujai Gu

Exhibition: Tracing: Gun Violence in the USA 

Media: , Mixed-Media

Gallery: Dutzi 

Website: Yujaigu.squarespace.com  


About the Artist

In this paragraph you can provide a little background information on the artist. Are they a Graduate or Undergraduate student? Which Program from the CSULB School of Art are they in? What are their interests? What ideas does their work explore?
Formal Analysis 

Yujai work is more on the technology side of art. She works with vinyl, a projector and tvs. She uses two standard colors, black and red so her audience can focus on the point she’s trying to come across. She also uses symbols like guns and human like figures. She uses real photography of victims that came across gun violence. She organizes them on a transparent black and white collage. Also she uses the projector to project images like the homes of the victims and uses an image of the US map to pin point the cities affected by gun violence. 
Content Analysis

 Yujai’s work explores gun violence in the USA. This topic was personal to her because she wanted to move the US to study but her mom was worried about the violence that guns were causing here in America. Even though eventually did move here to study and further education she was intriged to figure out if all this commotion about guns was real or just a hype of the media. As she researches she finds that gun violence is an endless cycle of people buying more guns to protect themselves from people who own guns. 
Synthesis / My Experience

Honestly this exibiton really got me thinking about guns and violence in the US as a whole and who or what are we protecting ourselves from? When you see a huge collage of children who are being brutally murdered for no logical reason by men who have easy access to an armed weapon is truly devasting and it makes me scared. Having a son, makes me think when he starts grade school he will be exposed to being shooters who just want to kill young children and who will be there to proctect him. Just recently there was a shooting in San Bernandino which is about an hour away form La County is alarming. As a parent you want to do anything for your family and when you see in the news about school shootings it makes you think twice about being a gun owner yourself because you want to be able to protect your family.  I feel there should be more restrictions of who is allowed to own and purchase a gun, and a background check to see if that person has a history of mental illnesss or has committed a crime. Over all this something that should no be over looked and people need to start to be informed and laws need to change to make a differnce. 


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