Wk -14 Japanese Gardens 

First off I want to start by saying that I love the Japanese Garden here at CSULB. It’s so awesome that it offers an experience to this blissful and full of serenity world in a place where so many things are happening at the same time. 

My experience with this activity was love and hate because ….. I loved the koi fish and the Lili pads and the ducks and the water but I was getting upset at my first sketches because I could quite capture the garden. It was a sad sad sad representation. But as the sketches progresssed so did my art work. 

My 10-30 sketch defenitely is abstract because if someone showed it to me I wouldn’t be able to tell you want it was “suppose” to be. It was a basic outline of the whole garden itself. 

Moving on… the 5 minute sketch I made progress, tress where starting to look more like trees and I actually included the fish this time! Nice 🙂

My hand sketch was a total distaster because it looks like an aliens hand lol. But a good warm up for what was coming…. Another distaster . Kidding. It was so hard not to be able to look at what I was drawing and if I was even drawing it the right way. Defiantly I have zero hand and eye cordination in this activity but it was awesome to work hard in my consentration. 

On my representation sketches things started to look up. My koi fish looked fairly like one and my tree and garden statue aswell. I worked hard to get the details just right and to really focus on the object or thing I was drawing. The koi fish was my favorite 🙂 even though it was difficult to focus on just one because they are all over the place. 

For my last sketches, my sketches were really abstract because I choose to draw the shadows of the tree over a rock or the a leaves over my sketch book and the reflection of the sun in the water. There is no way of telling what it is unless I actually tell you. 


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