Wk-15- Three possible Me’s

Out of all the activities this activity was one of the hardest because it got real personal. Right now I am struggling in what I want for my self. There are days where I am really determined and seeking to graduate as soon as I can but then there are some days where I just want to not continue and just be done with school.  So this is how it went….

1. I really want to be a school counselor.

Ever since I could remember wanted to be a school counselor because I always wanted to help the youth in low income communities thrive and get them to college. I’ve already worked in middle school and high school so I know what it takes to be a school counselor plus I genuinely like to help students. 

2. I would want to be a stay a at home mom to my baby. 

As a current mom to a six month old baby boy, I have six month experience of taking care of a baby. Yes at times it can get difficult but I genuinely enjoy it aswell. I love that I get the chance to see my son grow and not miss a second of it. I love being his primary care giver because despit being young I’m doing it. 

3. Travel the world tasting food from all countries. 

I consider myself a foodie because I LOVE food. I love watching cooking shows and I love cooking myself. I enjoy eating it ofcourse. I love tasting food that is different of mine of my culture. My motivation would be to travel to that place to taste the food. 

I drew up some charts and scaled each possible future out of 10. 

I’ve worked close with school counselors in my former job as an instructional aid. Helping the set up college meetings for students and helping students sign up for college and talking over their progress report of their current grades. I just loved having the close interactions with students and guiding them towards the right direction. They have told me to get my admistration certification with my teacher certification aswell so that I may move up in rank. So I know how it will be once I get there and if I enjoy it now I would definitely enjoy it once I’m there. 

Finally, I wouldn’t mind doing any of my three futures. I mean after all they can all be possible and be joined in one of I wanted to. I guess we’ll see what life has in stored for me but I’m happy where I am right now and that’s all that counts. 


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