Extra credit !!! Evaluation. 


This is one of the greatest classes I have taken here at CSULB  and it teachers like you that keep inspiring students to continue to brake barriers and see school as an experience instead of a moment. You have great interaction with your students online aswell as in person. I love the apps, they are so accessible and you are accessible on them. I love that now I have a new perseption and respect for art. 

3 Favs: 

Japanese Garden: brought me peace and serenity. 

Plaster casting: fun and different 

Graffiti: brought back memories form high school and it shed a positive light on street art 

Least fav: 

Landscape with a corpse: it was scary thinking about death and playing out how you will die 

Ps . Love your class!!!


Wk-15- Three possible Me’s

Out of all the activities this activity was one of the hardest because it got real personal. Right now I am struggling in what I want for my self. There are days where I am really determined and seeking to graduate as soon as I can but then there are some days where I just want to not continue and just be done with school.  So this is how it went….

1. I really want to be a school counselor.

Ever since I could remember wanted to be a school counselor because I always wanted to help the youth in low income communities thrive and get them to college. I’ve already worked in middle school and high school so I know what it takes to be a school counselor plus I genuinely like to help students. 

2. I would want to be a stay a at home mom to my baby. 

As a current mom to a six month old baby boy, I have six month experience of taking care of a baby. Yes at times it can get difficult but I genuinely enjoy it aswell. I love that I get the chance to see my son grow and not miss a second of it. I love being his primary care giver because despit being young I’m doing it. 

3. Travel the world tasting food from all countries. 

I consider myself a foodie because I LOVE food. I love watching cooking shows and I love cooking myself. I enjoy eating it ofcourse. I love tasting food that is different of mine of my culture. My motivation would be to travel to that place to taste the food. 

I drew up some charts and scaled each possible future out of 10. 

I’ve worked close with school counselors in my former job as an instructional aid. Helping the set up college meetings for students and helping students sign up for college and talking over their progress report of their current grades. I just loved having the close interactions with students and guiding them towards the right direction. They have told me to get my admistration certification with my teacher certification aswell so that I may move up in rank. So I know how it will be once I get there and if I enjoy it now I would definitely enjoy it once I’m there. 

Finally, I wouldn’t mind doing any of my three futures. I mean after all they can all be possible and be joined in one of I wanted to. I guess we’ll see what life has in stored for me but I’m happy where I am right now and that’s all that counts. 

Wk-15-Anthony Doo

This week I got to meet Anthony Do. He is a film major here at CSULB. He chose this major because of a film class he took in high school and now he hopes to some day be a director of a show or movie. His current favorite movie is ” Get Out”. Anthony is into all kinds of sports, like tennis, baseball, basketball, and soccer. He goes for the Nicks and Barcelona.  Good look in the Entertainment business ! 🙂

Wk -14 Japanese Gardens 

First off I want to start by saying that I love the Japanese Garden here at CSULB. It’s so awesome that it offers an experience to this blissful and full of serenity world in a place where so many things are happening at the same time. 

My experience with this activity was love and hate because ….. I loved the koi fish and the Lili pads and the ducks and the water but I was getting upset at my first sketches because I could quite capture the garden. It was a sad sad sad representation. But as the sketches progresssed so did my art work. 

My 10-30 sketch defenitely is abstract because if someone showed it to me I wouldn’t be able to tell you want it was “suppose” to be. It was a basic outline of the whole garden itself. 

Moving on… the 5 minute sketch I made progress, tress where starting to look more like trees and I actually included the fish this time! Nice 🙂

My hand sketch was a total distaster because it looks like an aliens hand lol. But a good warm up for what was coming…. Another distaster . Kidding. It was so hard not to be able to look at what I was drawing and if I was even drawing it the right way. Defiantly I have zero hand and eye cordination in this activity but it was awesome to work hard in my consentration. 

On my representation sketches things started to look up. My koi fish looked fairly like one and my tree and garden statue aswell. I worked hard to get the details just right and to really focus on the object or thing I was drawing. The koi fish was my favorite 🙂 even though it was difficult to focus on just one because they are all over the place. 

For my last sketches, my sketches were really abstract because I choose to draw the shadows of the tree over a rock or the a leaves over my sketch book and the reflection of the sun in the water. There is no way of telling what it is unless I actually tell you. 

Wk-14- Antonella Redekosky

This week I got to meet one of the dancers from class ; Antonella Redekosky. Aside from being an Junior and a dance major she is a pallaties instructor. She loves too cook on her free time . Who has free time anyways nowadays? Lol. But yeah, I thought that was cool because it’s rare to find any college student to enjoys getting busy in the kitchen. I love to cook too by the way, makes me feel useful. Also I found out Antonella is a Latina like me. She’s was born in Uruguay and speaks fluent Spanish like me 🙂

Wk-12-Deep Ethnography

What did you think the experience would be like?Was it “easy” or “hard”? 

Hard. Why because I need elctricity when I have a small baby in the house. I need to use it for the night light or wipe warmer. As soon as he fell asleep I turned off everything and went to sleep myself. Because what else would a mom do when she has free time? SLEEP I tell you! Glorious sleep and it was great because I sleep in a pitch black room and love it. I didn’t care to watch tv or a movie for me fun is when I get to sleep more hours than I’m allowed. #momlife 
“Frustrating” or “Liberating”? 

Never the less is was liberating. I have a 6 month old baby so as soon as he fell asleep I turned off all the lights and sat on my sofa. Pure silence! Who could’ve known it would be pure Bliss! Why because my life now is full of crying, giggles, burps, and so many weird noises that can come from a baby. Lol. 
Did you get better sleep? Are you usually sleep deprived? What would it be like to sleep well every night?

 Yes. Hell yes! I’ve been sleeped deprived for months! What is sleep? To me is something that I have not been able to endulge in for a loooong time.  Man do I miss it.  I’m lucky is I get two hours of uninterrupted sleep. It would be a dream come true to sleep 8-10 hrs of sleep again. 

How is living without electricity more organic or harmonious with nature?

I feel it is organic. I mean electricity is a baby. We’ve only had it for less than 200 years old. But what is organic to us now is electricity. We have been born into it so living without it would be unatural for us. I think the world now would go completely crazy with out it.

How is living without electricity more limited? Is it boring? 

Boring! I mean what would I do without YouTube? Or Snapchat. They are my form of entertainment and connection to the world. Of course with out electricity I believe we could be more creative of physically active to get out there an have some fun or explore new places. But for now I just can’t be without it. I need to heat up my babies bottle, to power his swing and his bouncer. I mean motherhood is already hard and without a little help of electricity to help me entertain my baby boy for a couple minutes so I may run to the restroom. Oh no! 

How do you think people survived without constant stimulation? 

I don’t know maybe that’s why people used to have more children back then, you know to keep them entertained lol. Jk. 

What would be your ideal level of life activity and connectivity? 

My ideal would be as is. Having a young little baby to look after takes up most of my time so using my phone, watching tv or a movie or anything that is a personal entertainment for me is very very very rare. I mean I have maybe an hour or two of my whole day to be able to indulge in technology. So I’m grateful when I have the time to use it. The world is better with electricity and I can not imagine a world with out it. 

Wk-11 Artist Conversation- Yujai Ga

Exhibition Information

Artist: Yujai Gu

Exhibition: Tracing: Gun Violence in the USA 

Media: , Mixed-Media

Gallery: Dutzi 

Website: Yujaigu.squarespace.com  


About the Artist

In this paragraph you can provide a little background information on the artist. Are they a Graduate or Undergraduate student? Which Program from the CSULB School of Art are they in? What are their interests? What ideas does their work explore?
Formal Analysis 

Yujai work is more on the technology side of art. She works with vinyl, a projector and tvs. She uses two standard colors, black and red so her audience can focus on the point she’s trying to come across. She also uses symbols like guns and human like figures. She uses real photography of victims that came across gun violence. She organizes them on a transparent black and white collage. Also she uses the projector to project images like the homes of the victims and uses an image of the US map to pin point the cities affected by gun violence. 
Content Analysis

 Yujai’s work explores gun violence in the USA. This topic was personal to her because she wanted to move the US to study but her mom was worried about the violence that guns were causing here in America. Even though eventually did move here to study and further education she was intriged to figure out if all this commotion about guns was real or just a hype of the media. As she researches she finds that gun violence is an endless cycle of people buying more guns to protect themselves from people who own guns. 
Synthesis / My Experience

Honestly this exibiton really got me thinking about guns and violence in the US as a whole and who or what are we protecting ourselves from? When you see a huge collage of children who are being brutally murdered for no logical reason by men who have easy access to an armed weapon is truly devasting and it makes me scared. Having a son, makes me think when he starts grade school he will be exposed to being shooters who just want to kill young children and who will be there to proctect him. Just recently there was a shooting in San Bernandino which is about an hour away form La County is alarming. As a parent you want to do anything for your family and when you see in the news about school shootings it makes you think twice about being a gun owner yourself because you want to be able to protect your family.  I feel there should be more restrictions of who is allowed to own and purchase a gun, and a background check to see if that person has a history of mental illnesss or has committed a crime. Over all this something that should no be over looked and people need to start to be informed and laws need to change to make a differnce. 

Wk-11 Classmate Conversation 

This week I got to meet Cindy Do and Jennifer  Drees. Cindy is a Second year Bio major and she is currently working at Ulta part time, while doing an internship at a Dentist office. She hopes to be a Dentist in the future. Jenn is a Psy major and a part time babysitter. She loves working with kids since her mom is an elementary teacher. Also she hopes to get into nursing school after she graduates. Good luck ladies !!! Nice meeting you. 

Wk- 9 Graffiti Writing 

My name is Yesenia but my nickname is Yesi so I decided to grafitti my nickname. So watching the tutorial I knew I was going to be able to do a good job because when I was in high school for a while I got into doing graffiti because I had a boyfriend who was into it. So I got into it as well but I was only able to do basic “throwies”. If I’m able to I’ll go into my archives and retrieve one that I’ve done in the past. Anyways at least I know have my little basic throwies roaming around on some random people’s black book lol. As I was doing my graffiti work I was remencing on the old days when I would just look at all the graffiti’s in people’s back book and how each person had their own “nickname” and style. Like “KOI” or “CHUCKY”. Cool activity. Thanks Glenn.

P.s posted some extra credit work 

Wk-8 Misty Ruiz

This week I got to meet Misty, she is undeclared third year but wants to major in kinesiology with a focus on excercise science as she would like to be a nurse practitioner or something in the medical field. She is from Hungtinton Beach. For spring break she plans to go hiking, I told her Eaton Canyon is a good place to start because the hike isn’t that long and your motivation is to arrive at the water fall. Her ultimate goal is to hike the Grand Canyon as there is a secrete lagoon with light blue water she wishes to explore. It was nice meeting you Misty ! Hopefully you get to see the Grand Canyon.